World of Landover - Caverns of Chaos

Caverns of Chaos - the story so far

(This is my first attempt at using this service to help our campaign. I’m sure that it will be a little clunky until I figure out how to best use its functionality. Any input would be welcome.)

The party been through several adventures so far, the most recent being the conquest of a connected group of caverns occupied by small goblinoid creatures and a pack of aggressive rats. At the end of the last session, the party had camped inside the conquered caverns.

Here are some other incidents of note, in no particular order:

  • The party has met and dealt with the crazy man with the lion pet, some giant spiders, and a group of swamp lizard men
  • The party has also run into a bedraggled but dangerous-looking human renegade who gave his name as Malichi. Malichi claimed that he had been framed for the killing of his friend, King Edric, and further claims that members of some serpentine race who seem to be able to assume the likeness of others were actually behind the murder. Malachi seemed to trust the party and left a magic coin with them, a coin by which they may communicate with him. The coin operates by placing it on one’s temple at sunrise. If there is to be any communication, it will be through a connection of the minds and can occur for 30 seconds at sunrise.
  • There is a visiting priest at The Keep whom the party does not trust, although he is quite popular there. The Keep’s high priest also does not trust him.



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